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Front Website

The website is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information, making it a valuable resource for your customers.


Home Page

Customers can select the respective branch or nearest location to execute the order directly.

Smart search helps to  improve user experience, simplifying food selection and order placement.

Promotion Banners section helps Boosts orders, entices cravings, showcases specials—promotion banners drive appetite and online engagement.

Enhances navigation, simplifies choices, improves user experience, and boosts customer satisfaction and engagement.

Boosts sales, attracts customers, enhances loyalty, drives traffic, boosts brand awareness, encourages repeat orders.

Banners entice cravings, showcase specials, drive orders, enhancing restaurant’s online food delivery presence.

Showcase enticing featured dishes to captivate customers and boost restaurant orders online

Maximizes orders, customer satisfaction, and revenue by featuring popular menu items prominently.

Enhances user experience, streamlines choices, and expedites orders for efficient restaurant food delivery.

Menu Section

Enhances menu clarity, streamlines ordering, optimizes customer experience, and boosts operational efficiency.

Enhances user experience, simplifies menu navigation, boosts food selection, and increases conversions.

Enhances dietary choices, respects preferences, caters diverse tastes, ensures personalized satisfaction.

-Grid View: Visual appeal, showcasing food variety.
-List View: Quick scanning, detailed food information. Enhances user experience.


Item Variations

Enhances user control, streamlines orders, and optimizes food delivery experience for customers.

Enhances personalization, satisfaction, and tailors orders to individual preferences for food delivery.

Enhances customization, flavor, and value, catering to diverse preferences for food delivery.

Enhances personalization, accommodates preferences, ensures accurate orders, improves customer satisfaction, and customized dining experience.

Enhances personalization, accommodates preferences, streamlines orders, enriching user experience, boosting satisfaction.

Cart Section

Concise order summary streamlines customer experience, reduces errors, and enhances order accuracy

Efficient delivery, convenient takeaway enhance food delivery system, boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

Order customization enhances user satisfaction, catering to diverse preferences for seamless food delivery.

Enhances sales, suggests complementary items, streamlines choices, improves user experience, boosts revenue.

Edit Address in Checkout

Accounts Management

Edit Address ensures accurate delivery, enhancing user experience, and timely delivery satisfaction.

Accurate delivery addresses ensure timely, precise orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Efficiently plan, satisfy customer preferences, and streamline operations through scheduled order options.

Streamlines orders, confirms choices, enhances user experience, and expedites checkout for efficient food delivery service.

Boosts affordability, customer loyalty; drives sales through discounts; enhances user experience; encourages repeat orders

Flexibility: Accommodate changes, ensure accurate deliveries, enhance user experience, and minimize order errors efficiently.

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Dinerspos is a modern app for getting food and handling restaurants. It's made for single and multi-branch restaurants. It has a strong system for taking orders and a friendly app for customers, a website, and an app for delivery people.

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